4 Ways to Maintain Moisture In Natural Hair

4 Ways to Maintain Moisture In Natural Hair

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We are always talking about products to help maintain or increase moisture.  We talk about humectants, proteins and oils all the time. Today, it is the turn of something rather deceptively simple – hiding your ends!

If you wash your hair in braids or twists, you may notice that if you do not unravel the twist or braid, your hair could take several hours (12 -16hrs or more) to fully dry as opposed to 2-3 hours if you untwisted the hair and exposed it to air.  This demonstrates how compacting and binding the hair reduces evaporation of water. This is the same principle that applies to hiding your ends.

1. Buns


Many people assume that once in a protective style such as twists or braids, hair will naturally hold moisture. This is true but you can further increase moisture retention especially at the older fragile ends by simply hiding them away in a bun.


2. Tucked in ends


With free hair, buns are an obvious style to choose to tuck in or hide those ends. However, you can get very inventive with rolling your hair into pretty much any style you desire.  The only thing you require is plenty of bobby pins and a little bit of patience


3. Flat twists


Another fairly simple way of hiding your ends on free hair is to flat twist it. This not only creates an elegant style, but also gives open hair more protection from moisture loss.


4. Curl Clumping


Breaking the hiding your ends rule is curl clumping. If your hair naturally forms clumped up curls, this is a great way to maintain moisture as well as give your hair added strength to resist breakage.  Each clumped curl will contain several strands of hair in a compact form therefore reducing the evaporation of water from the surface of hair. The fact that there are several strands together also means that each clumped curl is more resistant to breakage compared to  singular strands.

By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom



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