Scandal: Most Intense opener Ever??

Scandal: Most Intense opener Ever??

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Okay Gladiators was that not the most riveting hour of Network TV?


Now I was expecting a gritty kickoff to the continuation of season 4 but this was far beyond my comprehension, can you say extreme mindf&!k, but we also just witnessed phenomenal thespian-ship in conjunction with a compelling story.  ( A message to “State of Affairs”  THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE! I was so bored with that show, it didn’t deserve a recap….sorry) now back to our regularly scheduled program…

I was captivated the whole hour (more so 45 mins) and I was glued to my treadmill so Olivia’s “RUN” was a fitting title for me, but the suspense had me motivated to push through the obstacles as if i was living vicariously through her desperation to get home. I was also intrigued by the directors vision of giving a panoramic view of each antagonizing moment.

Olivia ended the first half of the season by making one of the healthiest, most rational decisions she’s made in a long time. She decided that she was going to try to figure out how to take care of herself. Unfortunately for her, being kidnapped forced her to do her self-reflection and soul-searching in a much more brutal way than she intended. And it looks like it may have broken her. From the outside, Olivia always looks like she has everything together. But the truth is, she’s a mess and has been a mess for years. The way that she’s dealt with her own life being in shambles is to focus on fixing everyone else’s problems so she doesn’t have to face her own. She didn’t have that option this time. On the one hand, this is a good thing. I’m not saying getting kidnapped and held for ransom is a good thing. That totally sucks. But the fact that Olivia has to figure out how to fight for herself again is a good thing. For the last several years, Olivia has relied on the fact that Fitz loves her and will do anything for her. So even when things are bad for her, in the back of her mind, she’s always believed that Fitz would come for her. She’s not wrong. Then Jake got added to the mix and he’s been protecting her too. So even when Olivia went out on a limb, she’s always had a rather solid safety net. Not so much in this situation. She is not completely on her own because I imagine that Jake, Fitz, Huck and the rest are working furiously to find out where she is. But in the meantime, Olivia’s got to reach down deep to find the fighter and survivor she used to be. One thing that’s abundantly clear even at this early stage is that this ordeal is going to change Olivia. Whether that change is for the better remains to be seen


“Who’s your father, Ike Turner?”  Now that was a classic line from an unexpected place… (Scene; Ian ask Olivia while looking for tracking device…too soon to be that close)

A bras’ underwire is a girl’s best friend in times of danger

No Millie, Cyrus, Huck, hope that’s not a sign of things to come mid-season

So all of this to start a war?? With who??

Let the #saveolivia campaign begin


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