SWV New reality show gives insight on break-up

SWV New reality show gives insight on break-up

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I am delighted to see another show that highlights a chapter in the lives of former Divas as they return to the spotlight, so let’s welcome SWV into our homes as we journey into this once chart topping trios’ daily grind while focusing on family, touring and the inescapable existence of one members current solo project that could ruin the whole process altogether…

According to madamenoire.com

As the January 23rd air date of the new reality series is fast approaching, we’re here with a more extended version of what you can expect from the show. And though Coko said she and her group mates were too old to follow the messy yet successful reality tv formula, this clip above shows us that while folks might not be throwing drinks and fighting, the show certainly won’t be without its dramatic moments.

In this new extended first look, we watch as the women try to make a comeback, though they haven’t dealt with all the issues that broke the group up in the first place. There are light moments when Leanne “Lelee” badgers Coko with setting her up with the wrong men and other times when it gets heavy as one of the women deals with breast cancer. Also, there’s some tension between Coko and Taj and some shady music industry madness going on as well.

All in all it looks like it will make for a good show. Check out the trailer in the video.


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