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Youtube celeb and flamboyant personality, Antoine Dodson is expecting a baby. Taking to social media to announce that he and his ” queen” are expecting, the “Hide yo Kids,Hide yo Wife” star already suprised though who care with news of his renounced homosexuality.

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Yeah, there’s an app for that!”  The latest app to cause an uproar is called “Ghetto Tracker” for avoiding the rough parts of town. But within 24 hours after the app surfaced, on September 3, fierce backlash over its perceived biased name forced its creator to change the name to “Good Part of Town.”

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TMZ has uncovered some video footage that is going to make it very hard for Breezy’s accuser to continue to plead her case! Seems as though Ms. Deanna Gines was walking ok right after the alleged incident took place! TMZ reports that the video was shot early Sunday morning in the Heat Ultra Lounge parking structure in Anaheim, where Deanna Gines was being escorted out by security.  She is all over the pace and yelling at the bodyguards, “F*** all y’all!”

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Gines claims Chris Brown shoved her to the ground inside the club, tearing the ligaments in her right knee.  Sources at the club report, Gines did actually injure herself but that it was her own fault, and she did it drunkenly stumbling down some stairs on the way out of the club. The club’s owner and several eyewitnesses claim Chris never touched Gines.
Check it out below!