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Now Shonda  how do you plan on writing this in the script???  Wow didn’t expect the surprise marriage, and dropped another bomb on us without warning.  The Prime time diva and her NFL hubby are welcoming the arrival of the pitter-patter of little feet in their home. Diversedivas congratulates the happy newlyweds on this new addition to Pope and Assoc.

Now the question is if it’s a girl would her name be Olivia??? A boy, Fitz??? well there’s a #Scandal for ya…

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There are many things that fans love about Scandal protagonist Olivia Pope, one of those things being her fabulous fashion sense.

On Thursday night’s when new episodes are generally premiered, Twitter is filled with viewers gasping at the show’s heart-pounding twists and turns and commenting on Olivia’s super chic get-ups. But what if there were a way to give fans a piece of Olivia Pope’s closet through an inspired clothing line? Would they wear the items?