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I guess Queen HollyHood (home of ratch’etdom) was tired of watching ATL and NY(ATL Definitely) receive all the ratings attention and get to show off their ratchet asses in millions of homes on a weekly basis so it’s only fitting for Brandy’s brother and his superficial gang to jump in the Hot Mess that is reality TV, you know what they say “if you can’t beat ’em then Steal from ’em” or in other words Mimic the madness …lol (sidenote: “mimic the madness” is a trademark of Diversedivas, don’t steal my shit)… Now I was not anticipating this series once I heard about it last fall and was ever so hoping for it to be a vicious rumor, unfortunately I stumbled across a leaked copy of #LHHH prior to the premier which is a tale-tell sign of a show with nothing to lose and didn’t turn out to be the masterpiece they intended it to be, so basically they NEED somebody to watch, legit or bootleg.  Now didn’t i mention ratchet early on in this post, point made!!


In an effort to help alleviate wasteful use of time, in a nutshell here’s the scoop, all the thots ladies are in some facet of a industry, from the Daughter of New Jack swing music pioneer to a one hit wonder, what they lack in talent also shines through into their lack of acting, all the mitches men are itching for a comeback since their slightly washed up artist seeking for a 2nd chance to reclaim hip hop glory…wait a minute umm they never had it to being with oops so why do we care??  And I’m not sure this is a good way to start garnering our attention homie cuz Ain’t nobody checkin’ for you boo…

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