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Newly revealed blind item claims Jermaine Dupri is ready to write a tell-all book about his time with Janet Jackson…

Will JD write a tell-all on JJ? So So Debt
Will JD write a tell-all on JJ? So So Debt

From Rhymes with Snitch

Blind Items Revealed

December 12, 2014

I hope that confidentiality agreement that this former A+ list singer turned recluse signed with one of her exes is ironclad or she is going to have a whole world of gossip and dirt come tumbling down on her like she has never seen. He needs the money and is ready to spill. She probably should have written the check because once he starts talking to the ghostwriter, all of it will get out. This ghostwriter does not keep secrets very well.

Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupri

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I see why Beyonce went solo… being in a 90’s chart topping group does not equate to financial success…

peep the struggle below…

Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Chile these 90s stars are not doing right with their money, earlier this year it came out that Jasmine Guy and Vanessa Williams both owed the IRS and were getting slapped with liens, now Maxine –formally of En Vogue and the front man from the group Next –RL are filing for Bankruptcy.

A few years ago, Maxine left En Vogue and joined Dawn Robinson on team “I use to be in En Vogue, so I’m going to book shows under the name En Vogue,” so because Cindy and Terry were still booking shows under the name En Vogue it was causing confusion for promoters (as far as who would show up) all four decided to go to court. Dawn & Maxine v. Terry & Cindy ended in Dawn and Maxine losing their case and being told by the judge to stop using the group’s name. Because of this, Maxine claims that she was over $100,000 in debt.

Her debts include $212,000 for her house, $22,000 in California taxes, $17,000 in lawyer fees and $539 on her Victoria Secret credit card (might as well be sexy while flopping.) She and Dawn are filing for appeal to use the En Vogue name again… because that is so much easier than putting on your big girl VS panties and working it out with the other group members like adults…

RL asked in the 1999 hit song “The Best Man I Can Be” ‘what can a brother do for me?’ hopefully give his ass a loan to pay off his debts. According to the Jasmine BRAND, RL filed bankruptcy in Gerogia Federal Court claiming he only had $50 in cash and $3500 in assets with $116,132.00 owed to creditors. His debt includes $6,000 in back child support, $49,000 owed to the IRS and $61,000 owed to American Express. RL claims that he only made $5,000 in 2013 and earned nothing in 2011 & 2012. His claims his assets are at $2,950 – this includes clothes, a computer, a dining room set, recording equipment and a bedroom set.

Accoriding to his rep, he was robbed by his accountant years ago for a “substantial” amount of money and the accountant is now deceased.

And I thought my debt to Sallie Mae was a lot…

courtesy of funkydineva.com

So you say yo money’s funny and yo change is strange?? Note to all Promoters: Please book Next and a former EnVogue member for your next BBQ fest or outdoor concert, birthday party, hell a Bar Mitzvah, you see they’re available.  #bankruptcy #90’sgroups #EnVogueneedtogetbacktogether #20yrsinthegameandshitstillthesame #RnB #allthatglittersnotgold

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I am delighted to see another show that highlights a chapter in the lives of former Divas as they return to the spotlight, so let’s welcome SWV into our homes as we journey into this once chart topping trios’ daily grind while focusing on family, touring and the inescapable existence of one members current solo project that could ruin the whole process altogether…

According to madamenoire.com

As the January 23rd air date of the new reality series is fast approaching, we’re here with a more extended version of what you can expect from the show. And though Coko said she and her group mates were too old to follow the messy yet successful reality tv formula, this clip above shows us that while folks might not be throwing drinks and fighting, the show certainly won’t be without its dramatic moments.

In this new extended first look, we watch as the women try to make a comeback, though they haven’t dealt with all the issues that broke the group up in the first place. There are light moments when Leanne “Lelee” badgers Coko with setting her up with the wrong men and other times when it gets heavy as one of the women deals with breast cancer. Also, there’s some tension between Coko and Taj and some shady music industry madness going on as well.

All in all it looks like it will make for a good show. Check out the trailer in the video.