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Newly revealed blind item claims Jermaine Dupri is ready to write a tell-all book about his time with Janet Jackson…

Will JD write a tell-all on JJ? So So Debt
Will JD write a tell-all on JJ? So So Debt

From Rhymes with Snitch

Blind Items Revealed

December 12, 2014

I hope that confidentiality agreement that this former A+ list singer turned recluse signed with one of her exes is ironclad or she is going to have a whole world of gossip and dirt come tumbling down on her like she has never seen. He needs the money and is ready to spill. She probably should have written the check because once he starts talking to the ghostwriter, all of it will get out. This ghostwriter does not keep secrets very well.

Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupri

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Tina Turner finally said ‘I do’ to long time boyfriend, Erwin Bach. The 73-year-old singer finally wed her 57 year-old beaux after living together for 27 years. The couple had a civil ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland last week.