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Was it not another breathtaking Moment on Empire?!! I had to reference Star Wars for the title due to the epic-ness of the show.  Ratings rise again for another week which is Epic for Fox to even achieve such an accomplishment, now just imagine if they didn’t decide to greenlight this project- the Network didn’t believe in the show at first pushing it back like a Lil Wayne album but I know whoever made the choice is poppin’ their 4th bottle of Dom…with a model…(sorry had too!)

Tonight’s episode opens with the Lyon family gathered at a medical clinic to help Andre. A team of therapists talks the family through the possible ways to treat Andre’s bipolar disorder, which flared up last week. Lucious’ seat is empty. In a flashback, we learn that he was a lot more interested in his

Love to see more of MJB, wow didn't know Vernon hits the powder and the Bass too??
Love to see more of MJB, wow didn’t know Vernon hits the powder and the Bass too??

career—a.k.a. singing with Mary J. Blige—than he was in supporting his son when Andre first had a breakdown in college. Then, as now, Lucious refused to let anyone tell him his son had a mental illness. He thinks Andre has the ability to will it away.

Lucious meets with Vernon to divvy up the Empire’s shares among the rest of the family. He has a plan to make things right with Cookie by giving her more control of the company, after which he expects her to want to get back with him. His plan to marry Cookie and then raise Lola (remember her? She’s Jamal’s daughter) together. Oh Really?!!???!! When you plan on telling her?

Well Olivia’s back, No not Olivia Pope! Your girl who left her child on the elevator of a multi-billion dollar company who just so happen to run away from her past just so it could follow her to the next bus stop. Now you know the Lyon’s family would’ve hooked her up with a plane ticket if you were that fearful of this man but that’s an IMO moment which i will not dwell on but the awkwardness was so prevalent in each scene that it caught me off guard but later for that sub-plot… and speaking of guards, Derek Luke as Malcolm, what a classy move to assert yourself and make it known, now I was surprised they took it there so soon. I was expecting more of a buildup because of the comment made last episode about Lucious still being in love with Cookie but instead they slapped me with it and therefore stunned with the impression it left on my face…ooohh Malcolm you can guard me all night looooonnnng!!  Okay back from my dream….





Now I am not sure what Michelle White (Jennifer Holiday Hudsons) motive is but I question those “good intentions”. I’m not sure if she seduced Andre to pray or what, it was a risque move from the moment she locked the door and informs him of going against hospital policy, slightly going where no doctor should go by teasing him ever so gently to thennnnnn softly saying “let’s pray”….ummm i’m morbidly intrigued but should I be??#4givemeLord?? If she is just a cameo appearance then I can go on in peace, but I WONDER if they decide to keep her on as a potential side chick, ooh yes I repeat. When you consider the fact that Andre signed off his rights by make Rhonda, his WIFE, proxy of the IPO, so we would have a true showdown on our hands…come on Empire you can throw in a cat fight or 2!!

Now back to the sub-plot, Raven Symone was back this week and she came to town with a Jerkazz dude named Reggie who was hell bent on getting Lola back. This may have been the shadiest guy Empire has trotted out so far and when he showed up at the Lyon house, it was clear that something was going to happen.  Now from the previews I expect him to pull out a gun, but not sure who it was originally intended for! His anger towards Jamal was clearly misguided and a little abrupt, but it made for a pretty tense scene. I didn’t think he was going to actually shoot Jamal, but I was still on the edge of my seat.

Then I was wide-eyed and screaming when Lucious let the cat out of the bag.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! It was me! It was me! I’m the father. I put the baby in her, not him. I did it.

Lucious What is wrong with you? Like honestly, what is wrong with you? So, he makes Olivia marry Jamal to what, keep up the appearance that he’s straight and in return he promises to make her a star. And somewhere during their sham marriage, Lucious started sleeping with her? Lucious new name should be Ludicrous   (using Mike Tyson’s voice and no offense to rapper Ludacris).


“Sins of the Father” showcases that He’s the “presumed” king, and this is his “empire”. But also highlights the fact that he didn’t do that much more than anyone else to make the business happen. Cookie put up the money (and went to jail for it); Vernon keeps the books; the IPO was Andre’s idea; and Jamal and Hakeem have more than enough talent between the two of them. Lucious imagines that he has the right to make everyone’s business his own because he’s the Lyon family’s father figure, but as tonight’s episode makes clear, he has no right to that privilege. “Sins of the Father” is as much an adrenaline-filled thrill ride—like any Empireepisode—as it is a takedown of the patriarchy, a big middle finger to the powerful men like Lucious who see everyone else’s work as secondary to their own.

Honorable Attention goes to:

  • Lucious tried to buy Camilla off because that’s what Lucious does. It turns out she is heavy in debt and Lucious assumed she was a scam artist trying to milk Hakeem for money. Now, their relationship may be creepy, but I do think there is a genuine love there. Camilla was clearly devastated and there is no way that’s the last time we’ll see her.
  • Vernon had so many lines, but he also fell off the wagon. I don’t frequent clubs much these days, but can you just snort cocaine openly like that? No one seemed concerned about his state when he showed up at the house, but then again, Reggie was with him and he was the creepiest dude in the world, couldn’t tell who to trust in that scene?
  • “Sins of the Father” was written by Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft and directed by Rob Hardy, visionaries at their finest hour, excellent job men!
  • When arguing with Lucious at his mansion, Rhonda reveals that she came from nothing and had to work her way through college, contrary the impression that everyone has of her as a spoiled white girl.
  • Lucious also hired a notary for the sake of the contract signing, who had the job of standing in the corner and looking shocked at everything that happened. She had nearly the exact same role as Chris Hemsworth did in last week’s Empire parody on Saturday Night Live (though, unlike SNLEmpire had the sense not to entertain the joke because it failed to make anyone laugh).

Anticipation is stalking me, this two hour finale is gonna be devastatin’!!


-Diverse Diva

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a-new-song-empireWhoaaaa, okay did ya’ll catch this weeks episode of Empire, now I’m not sure if you’ve seen the episode or Nah, but things get a little messy from start to finish…

First off, how you gonna invite your ex-wife to an engagement announcement without bothering to tell her “oh yeah the boys are invited too”, you could’ve at least given her the heads up, now who does that, Only Lucious.  And by the way when was it customary to wear a negligee to a restaurant anyway… Cookie you knew betta now you gonna start a trend for these thots to follow, “oh no Maître d’ you may NOT take my coat” says the random ratchet girl (okay as you can see I get a little too caught up in these shows)…


Now can’t even go any further without acknowledging Derek Luke & how devastatingly FINE he is in this role and is it too early to say a possible romance may blossom between these two, oh I can’t wait but the agony of anticipation: for it to flourish, now that’s gonna put me in a straight jacket…

Speaking of straight jackets… am I the only one who hears “It’s hard out here for a pimp” every time I see Lucious(Djay) and Cookie(Shug) in a scene together, if so please direct me to the local mental health facility for further diagnosis, on that note let’s carry on…

(Dis)Honorable mention goes to “what’s her name” oh yeah Courtney Love… who??  Now whatever grave they dug this chick up out of you can now return the corpse to its rightful home.  So I had to ponder whether or not if she was playing a culmination (better yet mockery) of former Divas: Madonna/Britney Spears(she did save Jive records)/Lady Gaga, hell Miley Cyrus-and that was just last week; or simply playing herself because I honestly could not tell the difference.  Oh Courtney who felt sorry for you, would’ve looked better if you had a similar story line with Lil’ Kim or Eve since Empire never mention having a pop, yet alone white artist on this Hip-Hop label, not one indication that I can recall???

Finally Malik Yoba’s Vernon (aka ChapStick) has a purpose, Clean Up Man, I was wondering what his 9-5 consist of.  I guess I can consider him the new Stringer Bell to The Wire’s Avon Barksdale.

Now on to the music…

Jamal not only has one hit from last episode but came with another banger “I wanna love you” I need that song in my life, can i find it on itunes? Why yes of course  http://https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/empire-music-from-out-damned/id963939769

Special shout out to Sway for making a hot cameo at the last minute, Funkmaster Flex must’ve got stuck in traffic (how you gon’ have a Cali DJ hosting a NY radio show, now who set that up, no tea no shade Sway-having Heather B on your show don’t make you NY boss ijs)

Courtney still thinks she’s the lead singer of her old trash band Hole 🙁

If Hakeem rapped as good as he whines he would be crowned the next King of New York, latest song came wit some heat but didn’t come close to last weeks fire “Drip Drop” (TRYING NOT TO LAUGH, ok i did anyway)

And Now the Bruuuhhh moment goes to: Raven Simone as………  Olivia, REALLY???!! Is Rudy, Theo and Denise plan to drop by the office too?? And please don’t invite Heathcliff, he’s liable to drug Rhonda and make her wait 30 years to claim she was raped too…oh y’all know i ain’t right

Diverse Diva signing off…for now

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After nearly 15 years apart, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall reprise their career-launching roles in The Best Man Holiday, the long-awaited next chapter to the film that ushered in a new era of comedy.