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Newly revealed blind item claims Jermaine Dupri is ready to write a tell-all book about his time with Janet Jackson…

Will JD write a tell-all on JJ? So So Debt
Will JD write a tell-all on JJ? So So Debt

From Rhymes with Snitch

Blind Items Revealed

December 12, 2014

I hope that confidentiality agreement that this former A+ list singer turned recluse signed with one of her exes is ironclad or she is going to have a whole world of gossip and dirt come tumbling down on her like she has never seen. He needs the money and is ready to spill. She probably should have written the check because once he starts talking to the ghostwriter, all of it will get out. This ghostwriter does not keep secrets very well.

Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupri

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Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson was “deactivated” (read: suspended) after he was indicted for viciously beating his 4-year-son with a switch. Peterson’s weak excuse was that he disciplined his son in the manner which he was raised.

The sad irony is Peterson’s secret Love child was beaten to death in October by his mother’s boyfriend.

Joseph Patterson, 27, was arrested and charged in that case.

Peterson’s child abuse came to light when the boy’s mother noticed fresh injuries on her son’s back, buttocks, legs and scrotum after Peterson returned him from a court-ordered visitation.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted in Texas on a charge of injury to a child, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Friday.

A statement from Sheriff Tommy Gage said a grand jury “true billed” Peterson on Thursday, and the arrest warrant was issued at 2:47 p.m. CT on Friday.

The Vikings announced Friday evening that Peterson will not play Sunday when Minnesota hosts the New England Patriots.

Peterson is the 2nd NFL star to be suspended this week for domestic abuse.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was cut by the team on Monday and the NFL suspended him indefinitely after gossip tabloid TMZ released video showing him knocking out his wife in a casino elevator.

As in the case of Ray Rice where there is video evidence, there is graphic photo evidence of Peterson’s child abuse.

Women and children are easy targets of grown men who were raised in violent homes. Until we as a people stop assaulting our own children, the cycle of domestic violence will continue.

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I guess Queen HollyHood (home of ratch’etdom) was tired of watching ATL and NY(ATL Definitely) receive all the ratings attention and get to show off their ratchet asses in millions of homes on a weekly basis so it’s only fitting for Brandy’s brother and his superficial gang to jump in the Hot Mess that is reality TV, you know what they say “if you can’t beat ’em then Steal from ’em” or in other words Mimic the madness …lol (sidenote: “mimic the madness” is a trademark of Diversedivas, don’t steal my shit)… Now I was not anticipating this series once I heard about it last fall and was ever so hoping for it to be a vicious rumor, unfortunately I stumbled across a leaked copy of #LHHH prior to the premier which is a tale-tell sign of a show with nothing to lose and didn’t turn out to be the masterpiece they intended it to be, so basically they NEED somebody to watch, legit or bootleg.  Now didn’t i mention ratchet early on in this post, point made!!


In an effort to help alleviate wasteful use of time, in a nutshell here’s the scoop, all the thots ladies are in some facet of a industry, from the Daughter of New Jack swing music pioneer to a one hit wonder, what they lack in talent also shines through into their lack of acting, all the mitches men are itching for a comeback since their slightly washed up artist seeking for a 2nd chance to reclaim hip hop glory…wait a minute umm they never had it to being with oops so why do we care??  And I’m not sure this is a good way to start garnering our attention homie cuz Ain’t nobody checkin’ for you boo…

Tell Diverse Divas your reaction of the 1st episode Love and Hip Hop HollyHood

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In the words of Donald Duck…”Oh my goodness..oh my goodness!” We just don’t know what to say about this situation, other than to say we’re so sorry that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Momma Dee had to experience such an embarrassing moment. We’re also feeling sympathy for those who witnessed it as well!

According to our family over at Dish Nation, Momma Dee was in the middle of a performance to support her new song “I Deserve” when she found herself one tooth short!

Take a look at the video below!


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Jeezy,Suge Knight and Wiz Khalifa connected?

Today, TMZ reported that the AK-47 that was found on Jeezy’s tour bus in late August was legally registered to the Snowman’s head of security, who was not on the bus at the time of the arrest. Jeezy and five others were busted after cops executed a search warrant on the bus following the fatal shooting of a concert promoter backstage during Wiz Khalifa’s set at the Under The Influence Of Music tour two days prior and turned up the weapon. No one claimed ownership, so all six sat in jail until Jeezy posted bail for everyone on the night of Aug. 28.


So why didn’t anyone claim ownership of the gun? That, according to the site, was because Jeezy’s security chief was in the hospital after being shot in the same shooting incident that left Suge Knight bloodied at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party in Los Angeles the night before.

Wait, what?

If TMZ is to be believed, all three incidents—the homicide during Wiz’s set, Suge Knight’s shooting and Jeezy’s arrest—are all connected in a bizarre web that spans the length of California and more than a week of crazier and crazier headlines. So, how do they all relate to each other? XXL put together a timeline of events to try and piece together how everything in this tangled web is intertwined. Hold on to your butts.

Friday, Aug. 22

The Under The Influence Of Music Tour had been rolling along since July 24, with Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy headlining with support from Ty Dolla $ign, Rich Homie Quan, Sage The Gemini, Mack Wilds, Iamsu! and DJ Drama. The night of Aug. 22—the third to last stop on the tour—a man was shot and killed during Wiz’s show-closing set at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif., northwest of San Jose. Police reported that the man who was killed was a 38-year-old local concert promoter named Eric Johnson who was apparently promoting Jeezy’s after party that night; sources told police that the man had been arguing backstage with the gunman and was hit five times from what was likely a “black pistol with a large magazine.”

Saturday, Aug. 23

In the wake of the shooting, the tour’s second-to-last show in Chula Vista, Calif., just South of San Diego, was cancelledby the promoters as police investigated the killing. “Due to a situation out of our control, tonight’s UTIOM show is cancelled,” Wiz said in a statement. “This was a senseless tragedy. Violence is never the answer. My prayers go out to the victim’s family.”

That Saturday also happened to be the night before the MTV VMAs, which brought plenty of stars to Los Angeles, many of whom showed up at Chris Brown’s pre-VMA party at 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood. Former Death Row head honcho—and no stranger to violence himself—Suge Knight was among those in attendance when gunshots rang out around 1:30 in the morning. Knight was shot six times in the incident and was rushed to the hospital, while two others sustained bullet wounds and were treated at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A., with no suspects identified. One of the victims was 19-year-old model Megan Hawkins; according to TMZ, the other man, who had previously been identified only as a 32-year-old male, was Jeezy’s head of security on the Under The Influence Tour, and had been shot in the arm.

Sunday, Aug. 24

The final show on the Under The Influence Of Music Tour in Irvine, Calif., a city in between Los Angeles and San Diego, went ahead as scheduled, but Jeezy was noticeably absent from the lineup. According to reports, police executed a search warrant on his bus in relation to the shooting Friday night, which caused him to miss his performance. While initial reports indicated that no one was arrested or charged, Jeezy and five others on his tour bus were arrested that night after police found an assault rifle on the tour bus. No one on the bus, including the Snowman, would claim ownership of the weapon, and all six were arrested and booked on $1 million bail in Orange County, Calif.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown’s camp released a statement distancing Brown from the shooting incident at his party. “Chris hosted an event in Los Angeles last night to celebrate the upcoming release of his album X, during which an incident occurred,” Brown’s reps said in a statement to XXL. ”This incident did not involve Chris; he was merely the host of the event. He has and will continue to cooperate with the investigation.” The next day, video of the shooting emerged, withsources telling TMZ that the shooting may have been gang related.

Tuesday, Aug. 26

News about Jeezy’s arrest began to trickle out, with police saying that while six people were arrested, none were suspects in the shooting death of Eric Johnson Friday night. The other five were all working on the Under The Influence Tour and all six were charged with possession of an assault rifle. The local San Jose Mercury News also brought in a legal analyst to speculate on why the bail for the charges was so high. “If they didn’t think [Jeezy] had significant knowledge about the homicide, I can’t imagine why he’d have a million-dollar bail,” the analyst said.

Wednesday, Aug. 27


As details continued to emerge about Jeezy’s arrest, it was reported that the assault rifle in question was a “military-style AK-47.” With Jeezy’s fifth studio album, Seen It All, scheduled to drop Sept. 2, Jeezy and the five other people arrested with him remained in jail for a third day with the $1 million bail hanging over their heads. That same morning,Suge Knight walked out of the hospital after recovering sufficiently from the six gunshots wounds he received during the shooting Saturday night. In a further twist, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department turned over the shooting investigation to its homicide division, suggesting the shooting was an attempted murder. Katt Williams, who was with Suge at the time he was shot, had previously suggested that the former label head was not the intended target.

Dig deeper into this story here…

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Since people first got a peek at Blue Ivy Carter in public, there has been a preoccupation for some with her hair. From the outside looking in, it seems that Beyoncé and Jay Z are letting her hair grow out natural, and from time to time, they moisturize it and adorn it with cute headbands. But other times, they let it just be out and free, and that’s when people have the most to say about what her mother is or isn’t doing with Blue’s hair. But someone has decided to take their disapproval to the next level, starting apetition on Change.org to encourage her famous parents to actually “comb her hair” after new pics came out of the toddler with her father. Didn’t I tell you all Change.org was being used for all the wrong reasons and issues?


The creator of the petition, Jasmine, said this about why she made it:

As a woman who understands the importance of hair care. It’s disturbing to watch a child suffering from the lack of hair moisture. The parents of Blue Ivy. Sean Carter A.K.A Jay-Z and Beyoncé has failed at numerous attempts of doing Blue Ivy Hair. This matter has escalated to the child developing matted dreads and lint balls. Please let’s get the word out to properly care for Blue Ivy hair.

Those who have signed the petition seem to think they are really helping some major cause:

“She is going to be teased and bullied when she becomes a teenager. PLEASE COMB HER HAIR :(“

“It’s important because no child needs to be treated that way. Comb her damn hair!!!”

“This is a form of child abuse. The parents obviosly don’t care about their child to have her come outside with matted hair. Beyonce wouldn’t come out like that so her child shouldn’t either.”

And in an interview with V-103 this week, Tamar Braxton, KeKe Wyatt and Syleena Johnson (all together), spoke about the recent images of Blue’s hair, and while the radio host thought that maybe Blue just fusses too much when getting her hair combed, the singers and mothers shared their two cents:

Wyatt: “Ain’t nothing wrong with being natural. I got natural, but you still got to grease natural and comb natural and wash and condition and then you won’t have the beadiage.”

Johnson: “She’s giving me Terence Trent D’Arby and I don’t know how to feel about it. She’s giving me ODB on this one. This is bogus. She is super cute though.”

Braxton: “I don’t see the beadiage. I just think it needs product. That’s it. It ain’t that bad though!”

I’m sorry, but I call shenanigans on all this, especially the idea that someone is creating a petition to tell someone else what they need to do with the hair of THEIR child. Despite what her parents could do to her hair, how she has it is how they want it, and considering the fact that she doesn’t seem to want for food, love, shelter, the presence of her parents or anything that’s truly important, I would say that people are doing way too much right now. Her hair could look the way it does because she’s moving in and out of planes with her parents often, plays or sleeps rough, and honestly, they don’t have to have her looking like a Just For Me box to impress us. She’s too young for people to be trying to throw standards of what her hair should and shouldn’t look like and do at her, so I say, let that baby, and her hair, live.