Twitter goes in on new Apple Watch

Twitter goes in on new Apple Watch

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The jokes began writing themselves after Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the much-anticipated iPhone 6 and Apple Watch on Tuesday. Aside from the watch’s dated 1980s design, the watch failed to impress stockholders and consumers. Shares of Apple plunged within minutes of the watch’s unveiling as Apple shareholders dumped the stock onto the open market.


Among the watch’s drawbacks are the price ($350), the battery life (the watch needs charging every night); and the fact that Apple Watch owners are required to purchase the iPhone 6 for it to work properly.


Anyone who expected Apple to reinvent the wristwatch was surely disappointed. Apple purists and fanboys complained about everything from the lack of an ‘i’ preceding the Watch — as in iWatch — to the fact that the watch isn’t available in a round shape.

But the biggest drawback may be the availability. The Apple Watch won’t go on sale until early next year.



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